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Ships Agency

Suir Shipping Ltd. is one of the largest independent providers of shipping agency services in Ireland, attending to over 250 vessels per year across South-East Ireland. We work as agents for major shipping lines with worldwide services. We cover all port requirements relating to ships agency including ISPS clearance for vessels, port costs, customs clearance, pilotage, crew changes, ship chandlers and stevedoring services.


The company has considerable experience in handling a wide range of bulk and unitised cargoes. We are experts at discharging cargoes of animal feed, fertiliser, aggregates, export cargoes, grains, soils, RDF, and bagged cargoes. Our pool of skilled operatives and crane drivers provide total flexibility throughout the working week. High discharge rates and 24-hour operations ensure quick turnaround and efficiency.


Our on-site warehousing facilities enable our customers to reduce their capital investment and still maintain the flexibility to respond to market demands. For the agricultural sector we have modern quayside covered storage of 166,000 square feet. The warehouses are Department of Agriculture registered and TASCC approved to ensure our service is operates under best practice guidelines. In total we are able to store over 50 000 tonnes of bulk material.

Project Cargoes

We provide first class services for one-off and regular shipments of project cargoes to and from all major national and international ports. We have experience large and heavy lifts including Wind turbines, Transformers and industrial equipment. Large portside storage areas and an excellent road network ensure that Waterford port is an excellent location for exceptional loads.

Private facility

We have a full complement of modern handling equipment and facilities to ensure maximum efficiency. Our private quay, harbour mobile cranes, automated weighbridges (self-weighing and pre-booked weighing) and all ancillary equipment needed to discharge vessels are available at minimal notice. We are confident we can provide the necessary equipment for any customer requirement.


Suir Shipping Ltd. works closely with highly professional and experienced chartering and transport partners. With an international network of ship owners and in-depth industry knowledge we can provide a tailored solution for your cargo from load port to the final destination. Port of Waterford is the closest Irish multi-modal port to continental Europe, while also being within 2 hours of the major cities in Ireland.

Some facts about us

Available quayside (meters)
Covered storage (square feet)
Max. single crane lift capacity (tonnes)


Our Facilities

windmill project cargo
windmill project cargo

Discharge equipment

Liebher LHM 280

Liebher LHM 280

x 1

84 tonne lift capacity – 30 m3 grab

Up to 1500 tonnes / hour

Liebherr LH 110

Liebherr LH 110

x 1

25 tonne lift capacity – 7 m3-10 m3 grab

New addition in 2020

Liebherr LH 60

Liebherr LH 60

x 2

12 tonne capacity – 6 m3 grab

Timber Grab & Bale Grab available

Recent investments in new discharge equipment (cranes, hoppers, loaders), modern TASCC approved quayside storage, fully automated weighbridge platforms, qualified staff with wast experience and nearby dual carriageway will guarantee quick turnaround, sufficient storage, and safe discharge for all our existing and potential partners.
TASCC Certified. Suir shipping has TASCC certification to ensure animal feed material is handled and stored in accordance with industry best practise requirements.

Port of Waterford